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Opal in the Mountains by RaichelChu26
Opal in the Mountains
Someone liked one of my old photo edits, and man! I'd forgotten how much fun those are, so I put together some more! I've got one more Steven Universe one coming, and maybe some pokémon edits, too!

Of course, you gotta' give credit!
Opal came from the SU Wiki,
The background came from here.

Nothing is mine, of course, I just like to dick around in photoshop.
“I can’t decide,” Rachel sighed, taking a moment from packing her backpack, “I mean, there are so many options; Kanto is classic, oh, or the Kanto-Johto two-in-one deal. Probably not Unova, not feeling drawn to that…”

Ramona did not respond in any way.

“Kalos is new and different! Maybe Hoenn, or Sinnoh, they have contests-!”

“Do you like contests?” Ramona prompted, eager to finish this conversation.

“Yeah, I do,” Rachel admitted, “oh man, yeah! Let’s go to a region with contests! But if I go to Hoenn most of my team is, well…”

“Out of place?” Ramona offered.


“Well, Matt and Viki will probably stay here with Noel, Mini-Z is thinking of going back to his home territory-“

“Scotty could come with us if we went to Sinnoh!” Rachel realized, “…oh, wait, then what about Dew?”

“She’s going to study under a master samurott anyways,” Ramona mentioned, handing Rachel her poké ball belt.

“Really?” Rachel responded, “Good for her!”

Rachel stopped by Ramona again as the two attempted to find every possible thing they might need to start a journey, with Scotty’s help.

“But, Hoenn is your species’ home region, do you wanna’ go there?” Rachel offered.

“Do you?” Ramona retorted.

Rachel made a conflicted groan and meandered off to figure out how much clothes she could fit in a single backpack.


“Wait!” Rachel barked, sticking her head back into the living room, where Scotty and Ramona were checking their bags. “We couldn’t take Scotty if we went to Hoenn.”

“Probably not,” Ramona agreed.

“Then…” Rachel’s eyes lit up, “We’ll go to Sinnoh! Oh, I love Sinnoh! It was my first region,” she sighed wistfully. “We’ll get to see mountains, and lakes, and Twinleaf Town, and contests-!”

“…which means you should probably pack a nice outfit, shouldn’t you?”

“Crud!” Rachel yelped, disappearing again to find just that.


Rachel straightened up from a triple-check of their combined luggage, “What do you think?” she put to her two traveling companions, “Are we ready?”

“I mean, they have stores in Sinnoh,” Scotty pointed out, “anything we forgot I’m sure we can find. Or you guys could mail it to us,” he added to the gathered tenants of the house.

“Good point!” Rachel agreed, zipping up her backpack, “Shall we away?” she asked Scotty and Ramona. Looks were exchanged, then nods, and the trio headed to the door, Rachel leading with great enthusiasm. Just before opening the door Rachel turned to her team-ish gathered in the living room,

“Well, my friends! We’re off!” she turned with flair to the door and flung it open, “Into the wild blue yonder!” she hollered, setting out with her two best pokêmon partners on a brand new journey.
Meh Adventure Prologue
So, I've realized something important about the potential future of 'Meh' and co. (actually two things): I do not have the true patience for comic making (which I've honestly known for a while) and that I am actually a writer, and an artist on the side. So, new direction time! 

Meh will now be nice pretty cover images on a written story. Same old characters (well, I mean, at the heart of it) same artist 100%, and a new direction for a new adventure.

Thank you so much for your time, and I hope somebody cares but maybe not...

- RaichelChu26 (Now yourgoodfriendraichel on tumblr, and you can find Meh at adventures-in-meh)
YO! Would anyone care if Meh was just black and white pencil drawings?
Does anyone still care about Meh at all??
I feel strangely obligated to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy holidays, and thank you for any and all birthday well-wishes, and also mention that I've more-or-less disappeared onto Tumblr.
If you happen to be there, feel free to hit me up at yourgoodfriendraichel.tumblr.c….
  • Listening to: On Top of the Universe (Steam Powered Giraffe)
  • Reading: John Green books. Lots of them.
  • Watching: to see if anyone is on Tumblr
  • Playing: Professor Layton (Diabolical Box)
  • Eating: Nothing, really.
  • Drinking: Water


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Hello! Here, I go by Raichel Chu, I also have a (more active) tumblr account linked below, but I've started poking around here again. Stay tuned for more Meh! Expect one every month or so.

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